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Every brand in YouGov’s rankings has a minimum sample of 100 and has been tracked for at least 12 months.

Based on YouGov’s Recommend Rankings, Netflix was the UK’s most endorsed TV and Radio provider with 77.2% of its customers recommending it to people they know. With Netflix winning the Oscar nominations to signing several original content deals, it was ahead of its competitors by 15%.

Amazon Prime Video was the second most recommended TV and Radio provider with a score of 62.5%. While BBC Radio 4 and Amazon Fire TV were equally recommended by people with a score of 61.8%, BBC Music ranked 10th with 57.4%.

Satellite TV channel Sky Atlantic was in the 5th place, which was followed by Set-top-box Freesat. Further, specialist channels like Investigation Discovery and Viceland were ranked at 7th and 8th places.

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