Amazon products show up along with product searches on Google for 10.5% of keywords

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February 18, 2020, 12:16 PM UTC

Research by Searchmetrics reveals Amazon-located products are the first organic results generated on Google’s desktop searches.

The report states AdWords (Google Ads) listing for Amazon Product show up beside product searches on Google for 10.5% of the keywords. Amazon also has the first search result with at least one or more lower-level organic search results for almost half of the searches.

By purchasing a large number of keywords on AdWords, Amazon gets a dominant presence on the search results page for product searches. Meanwhile, Google benefits from AdWords purchase by Amazon as it pays for the listing despite having the most relevant organic results.

Google’s Shopping Ads show up for 56% of the result pages where Amazon is the top organic result. The research also found that Amazon results appear in nearly a third of the Google Shopping box results.

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