Brands can leverage email marketing to boost their social media campaigns

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February 20, 2020, 5:33 PM UTC

Majority of online consumers prefer to be contacted via email or social media.

This piece recommends marketers should merge their email and social media marketing strategies to achieve marketing goals as well as enhance social campaigns. Brands can use emails to promote live videos on social media, and effectively reach out to interested audiences.

Crafting emails to create awareness about upcoming social media contests and events further enable brands to engage with their potential leads. Marketers can also use user-generated content like testimonials and reviews in their emails to build trust and credibility.

The article states including links to the company’s social media pages in emails can help marketers convince more people to visit them. Businesses should emphasise on welcome emails, as they are likely to generate four times more open rates and five times more clicks than regular emails.

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