Use options like Google’s Privacy Sandbox as an alternative to third-party cookies for ad targeting​

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February 24, 2020, 4:26 PM UTC

Privacy Sandbox is a tool yet to be launched by Google that could be an effective alternative for ad targeting.

This piece argues that Google's decision to phase out third party cookies can be an opportunity for brands to consider other ad targeting alternatives. Businesses can innovate other alternatives that would enable them to efficiently target the desired audiences without intruding on user privacy.

Marketers can adopt strategies to efficiently use first-party data. Businesses should further look for ways to leverage first-party cookies more heavily and ensure visitor profiles into more anonymous segments.  

Brands can also embrace strategies like “contextual advertising” for ad targeting. It allows marketers to circulate (Pay-Per-Click) PPC ads on the websites that rank for the keywords similar to their ads.

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