Think like anthropologists to create an effective CX while addressing social and mental siloes

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February 25, 2020, 7:46 AM UTC

Thinking like anthropologists can help brands understand how different employees within their organisation think, behave or prefer to work.

While generalists and specialists can help brands create a consistent customer experience across channels and customer journeys, silos can hinder effective marketing. To address cultural differences and remove social siloes, marketers can create a shared language between teams and departments.

This article states that brands should listen and talk to their employees and give them some “slack” to understand different populations in the organisation. Motivating employees to share information and ensuring they are acquainted with everyone can help break down social and mental silos.

Marketers can also implement workplace technologies to reduce barriers but should ensure it is uniformly distributed throughout the organisation. The author contends creating connected organisations can help brands deliver connected experiences to their consumers.

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