Creating expert roundup content can help enhance credibility and provide value to audiences

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February 26, 2020, 5:03 PM UTC

To effectively roundup content, brands should create templates including marketing calendar, guest blog posts, and email pitches among others.

This piece recommends marketers should round-up content from different experts in their network to increase credibility and provide value to their readers. Creating expert round-up content enables brands to boost brand authority and build a connection with other experts and marketers.

Crafting how-to style content along with detailed interviews and collaborations allow brands to create a detailed breakdown of their insights. Rounding up content also help brands enhance engagements and search engine rankings from the backlinks and traffic they receive from experts.

Brands should pitch their strategy to a network that is relevant to their niche. Marketers can leverage personal networks and Facebook groups to find experts within their niche. Blogger outreach tools can further help brands reach influencers at scale.

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