Brands should evaluate website rank and page performances while redesigning their website

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February 28, 2020, 2:43 PM UTC

Content should be at the forefront of a website redesign to increase leads and enhance credibility.

While revamping a website, marketers should optimise their websites for SEO, by checking its rank status and working in tandem with development teams. Brands can use tools like Moz and Google Analytics to identify potential keywords that drive traffic.

Adding titles and meta descriptions enable marketers to rank websites higher on the search results pages. This piece posits that brands should document all their site content to keep track of new and old content to make content updates effortless.

Design and copy teams should work together to align content mix with appropriate layouts. Marketers can also seek the help of development teams to resize images on their content delivery networks and reduce the load time. Setting KPIs for each page and section can help brands measure performances.

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