TikTok adverts can help effectively reach out to younger demographics

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March 02, 2020, 5:17 PM UTC

The Byte dance owned app is the third-most downloaded app globally, with 500 million monthly active users.

This piece recommends businesses should utilise TikTok ads to target their ideal customers as the platform is quite popular among consumers, especially among the Gen Z and millennials. This short-video platform continually rolls out new features that brands can use to increase their leads and sales.

Before launching a TikTok campaign, brands should analyse their buyer personas, goals and brand’s alignment with the platform. Marketers should identify their campaign goals, like views per video or follower targets, before launching a campaign.

The author suggests businesses can leverage live videos on this platform and use hashtags that are specific to their business. They can also create branded hashtags to improve brand recognition. Brands can also collaborate with influencers who are popular with their target audience.

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