Ecommerce stores can leverage pop-up retail stores to enhance customer experiences

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March 04, 2020, 3:53 PM UTC

Research from IHL Group found that 70% of all retail sales happen offline.

This piece recommends online brands can leverage pop-up offline stores to drive brand awareness, build customer relationships and drive sales while improving consumer experiences. The pop-up store, a temporary storefront, can bridge the physical-to-digital gap between ecommerce stores and consumers.

To effectively promote pop-up stores, brands can reach out to local influencers for exclusive previews. Marketers can further leverage social media platforms to publish stories and post for their pop-stores and increase brand awareness. The article states brands should let their existing consumer base know about their pop-up initiative.

The author recommends brands should measure the success of their pop-stores to determine its efficacy. Evaluating metrics such as sales per product, online sales in relevant zip codes and foot traffic, can help marketers measure conversions.

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