Brands can create opt-in popups to make the consumer browsing experience less disruptive

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March 13, 2020, 6:45 AM UTC

Having “negative spaces” between bold fonts and copies can help brands make their popup offers stand out.

This article recommends brands to use opt-in popups, where customers can click on an icon with notification to access the popup. The opt-in popup makes for less disruptive user experience and attracts the attention of potential customers.

Writing clear, brief copies for popups that provide incentives such as discounts can help marketers increase their subscriber lists. Creating timed popups that appear in “a few seconds” or when users scroll down allows brands to design a seamless user experience.

Though interstitial popups can take up the entire screen, making them translucent can help the popups blend with the background. The author suggests brands should use bold and beautiful images with incentives in popups to strengthen the mailing list.

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