Businesses should use emotional content to connect with audiences

Tasim Zahid
April 02, 2020, 4:36 PM UTC

The brand story should be in context with what the audience is already experiencing.

This piece suggests brands should include five major elements in their storytelling like emotions, innovation and mystery, among others. Marketers should craft their content in a manner that their audiences can relate to the material. But, they should make sure their reasons are compelling.

Marketers should be innovative in their storytelling and take creative approaches to engage with their audiences. The author says though it is challenging to add mystery in a business setting, it can work well in a content series. But they should avoid adding the mystery element in every piece of content.

Businesses can take the moment-based storytelling approach to tell users how the brand is managing work from home. Including smart storytelling elements like FAQs can also help organisations effectively engage with their consumers.

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