Adapting to the changing consumer behaviour can help brands navigate the current crisis

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April 03, 2020, 4:47 PM UTC

Professionals and business people are concerned about mental health.

This piece argues that with the changing consumer behaviour due to coronavirus outbreak, brands should shift their narrative to being empathetic with the audience. Businesses should keep their messages factual and focused on identities and values as opposed to profits.

The article states that current pandemic has brought changes in consumers’ priorities and the brands they are looking towards in the crisis.  Amid the lockdowns, people are now reassessing their priorities and holding up connectivity and entertainment as basic needs.

While people are falling back on comfort brands during uncertainty, these brands will need to think of a solution if the lockdown continues, and they run out of stock. In the meantime, the search-queries for products like luxury goods are seeing a decline due to the situation.

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