Facebook launches “Community Help” tool to connect helpers to people in need

Tasim Zahid
April 03, 2020, 4:59 PM GMT+0

Users can choose either Messenger or WhatsApp as their preferred method of contact.

Facebook has launched a new “Community Help” tool to connect the people in need with those who want to help during the current pandemic. The tool has the “Request Help” button for those who need assistance and the “Offer Help” button for those who are willing to offer help.

Facebook users can also donate to COVID-19 Fundraiser for WHO and Combat Coronavirus with the CDC Foundation with Facebook matching donations up to a total of $10 million. People can also choose to interact as individuals or on behalf of business on the tool.

The article states that the new tool can help businesses give back to the communities that have supported their growth. Companies can also help by donating extra supplies to the local hospitals, among others.

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