Marketers should create business showcase pages on LinkedIn to draw people’s interest

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April 03, 2020, 8:37 AM UTC

A business showcase page acts like a LinkedIn portfolio for a brand.

This piece suggests companies should create business showcase pages on LinkedIn to highlight a particular product line on the platform. Marketers can use media-rich visuals to publish clickable content on showcase pages as they allow brands room to be creative and focus on SEO-optimized topics. 

Businesses should also add LinkedIn pages to their email signatures to give a more professional context to the brands. Marketers can also connect their blogs to LinkedIn accounts to drive potential customers deeper into the sales funnel.

The author suggests brands can publish blog-posts on LinkedIn Pulse to give their businesses more exposure on LinkedIn, especially on mobile devices. Pulse is a brand that LinkedIn has purchased to expand its mobile profile as people spend more time on mobile phones as opposed to desktops.

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