80% of consumers are more concerned about privacy than before

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April 06, 2020, 3:02 PM GMT+0

31% of consumers aged 55 years and above are neutral about sharing personal information for tangible benefits.

A report by Infogroup revealed that 65% of consumers consider sharing their personal information with companies as risky. 10% of customers neither agree or disagree on whether companies can keep their data secure.

55% of participants “strongly agree” that companies they hand over their personal information to must keep their data secure. Further, 40% of consumers “agree” that there is no privacy in the digital age, with 13% disagreeing with the statement.

26% and 31% of consumers “strongly agree” and “agree” on feeling alarmed upon seeing ads about the products they researched online, on social media. Infogroup’s CEO and chairman, Michael Iaccarino shares, “Consumers’ attitudes towards privacy are shifting and marketers need to frame data collection in a way that resonates with their audiences”.

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