Advertisers must turn attention to, and not avoid, coronavirus related content

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April 06, 2020, 10:15 AM UTC

In this sense, the “blacklists should be reversed”.

As per a study conducted by Lumen, consumers are “soaking up ads around news”, whether print or online, where the news is related to the coronavirus pandemic. Given this, advertisers must think before choosing to avoid environments that speak of coronavirus.

The study revealed that 88% of print ads were viewed in late March, which is a jump from an average of 75%. In case of ads online, this was 66%, up from an average of 55%.

Lumen’s Mike Follett states, “It’s not that you should be doing ads and avoiding coronavirus, it’s the other way round.” As per Newsworks, avoiding pandemic-related content could cost the industry £50 million in lost ad revenue over the next three months.

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