Companies can activate employees to publish and promote content while on a restricted budget

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April 07, 2020, 3:24 PM GMT+0

Studies have found both B2B and B2C companies observed increased web traffic when they posted content at least 11 times per month.

This piece argues marketers can start a website-based blog to enhance their marketing efforts even on a limited budget. Along with articles, businesses can also post explainer videos, infographics and images of products in use. Free online tools can help marketers choose relevant keywords and blog topics.

Using internal subject matter experts and encouraging sales team to give insights can help brands generate interesting blog content to address consumer pain points. Organisations should also encourage employees to create and share content to boost marketing activities and expand their reach.

The author contends brands can further target audiences with in-depth content. Creating gated content like whitepapers can also help gather customer information while providing consumers value in exchange.

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