Publishers should encourage customers to view ads by offering incentives like exclusive content 

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April 07, 2020, 2:48 PM UTC

With nearly half of consumers blocking ads, brands need to find alternative ways to advertise. 

This piece argues after experiencing an ad-free online environment, and consumers wouldn’t be willing to give back the power to advertisers. Publishers should instead focus on providing value-added services like access to exclusive content and ability to comment, to incentivise consumers to view ads. 

By offering small rewards to users, brands can build an ad-supported subscriber base and incentivise getting their site whitelisted on ad blockers. Organisations should further spend on native content that provides real value to users and fulfils advertising needs at the same time. Leveraging influencer marketing can help brands also engage with their target consumers without being intrusive. 

The author suggests brands should also explore the potential of experiential marketing through partnerships with pop-culture figures. But, they should ensure their practices comply with consumer protection laws. 

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