47% of Britons finding unsubscribing from online services tough, won’t deal with such businesses

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April 08, 2020, 2:06 AM UTC

An easy user experience (UX) is considered important for the user journey, according to a report from Xigen.

Companies employing UX dark patterns, where users were tricked into subscribing to newsletters or faced issues while unsubscribing, were found to be on the unfavourable side of customers. The report states 47% of consumers would never deal with a brand again which makes unsubscribing difficult for them.

93.24% of customers feel it should be illegal for brands to make unsubscribing from online services purposely difficult. Of the dark pattern tactics, consumers found pop-up ads and no visible contact details at 43% and 31% respectively, most frustrating.

45% of consumers believe an easy UX is important aspect of a user journey. This article recommends brands should implement an easy UX with open and honest terms and conditions.

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