Posting clickable content on the LinkedIn groups can push traffic for business websites

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April 08, 2020, 3:00 PM UTC

Adding the blog app to a brand’s LinkedIn profile can showcase their most recent blog updates.

This piece looks at how marketers can use social media platforms to boost traffic on their business websites. The author also suggests ways that brands can adopt to leverage different social media platforms to maximise traffic from each of them. 

Businesses can attract potential clients on LinkedIn by sharing relevant and clickable links and content in the LinkedIn groups related to their industries. Brands should also use customised profile links instead of generic links to get more clicks.

Brands can sign up a business account or add a business profile to the pre-existing personal account on Pinterest to boost their marketing efforts. Marketers can use the rich pins feature to leverage valuable add-ons like real-time pricing to inspire immediate click-throughs.

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