Small businesses can repurpose their content into sharable video format to enhance marketing efforts

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April 08, 2020, 5:57 PM GMT+0

They should keep their videos short and to the point to make them engaging for social media.

This piece suggests small businesses should create videos that provide solutions to their customers to market their brands. Marketers can include a mission statement and share behind-the-scenes footage of their daily operations to their introductory videos to create a brand story narrative.

Businesses can encourage existing customers to share their video testimonials of their products in portrait mode and then convert them into ads. Incorporating consumer-made content into video ads can help marketers build social proof, trust, and reliability.

The author suggests brands can make tutorial videos providing valuable insights into common consumer problems in a short and sharable way. Businesses can add stimulating music or record the instructions with their educational videos to make them interactive and comprehensive.

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