Brands should consider whether retweeting a post would hurt their brand image

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April 09, 2020, 12:06 PM UTC

Marketers need to be careful about retweeting about contentious issues.

This piece argues marketers should think whether a tweet is relevant to their brand before retweeting it. Businesses should consider whether retweeting a post can negatively affect the brand. For instance, retweeting political posts can be conflicting, which can cause brands to lose customers.

Since fake news and false information can spread quite quickly, brands should be extra-careful about what they share on social media. Marketers should crosscheck and find whether a source is reliable before retweeting a post on Twitter, especially during the current crisis.

The author contends brands should carefully read the entire content, including links presents in a tweet before sharing anything with their followers. Relying only on headline can be misleading as headlines may not adequately convey the contents of an article.   

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