Content about or in reference to COVID-19 can now be monetised on YouTube

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April 09, 2020, 7:44 AM UTC

Advertiser-Friendly and Community Guidelines must be adhered to when creating content about COVID-19.

Through a published document, YouTube has announced the lifting of its monetisation ban on content related to or about COVID-19. Although some channels earlier were exempted from the ban, now channels across the platform can monetise videos on coronavirus and related content.

However, inappropriate COVID-19 content like distressing footage, medical misinformation, pranks, and challenges will not be served with ads. YouTube advises creators to follow its Advertiser-Friendly and Community Guidelines when creating content about the coronavirus.

Creators are asked to fact check statements with reputable sources and be sensitive to the ongoing global crisis. Phrases such as “the virus,” “the pandemic,” “these uncertain times,” were earlier used by YouTubers to get around the monetisation ban.

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