Online interactions with businesses have increased with consumers staying home

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April 09, 2020, 2:39 AM UTC

Marketing outreach and open rates for emails have increased since the outbreak began.

This article sees HubSpot aggregate data gathered across 70,000 companies. The analysis revealed that consumers have increased their online interaction with brands amid the pandemic. Average monthly site traffic improved by 13% in March, while the chat volume on Facebook Messenger and onsite chat increased 5% after 16 March.

Though both sales and marketing teams increased their email outreach in March, only marketing teams reported higher engagement rates. Companies sent 23% more sales emails on a per-week basis in the 16 March week, but March also saw the overall response rate drop 27%.

Marketers must educate consumers and invest in chatbots, as website traffic, buyer-initiated conversation, and open rates for marketing emails increase. Brands should adjust sales projections to reflect potential extended sales cycles to ensure forecasts are accurate.

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