Brands that continued aggressive promotions saw online sales improve 81% on average

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April 13, 2020, 1:08 AM UTC

42% of the fashion retailers pulled back on marketing in the second half of March, as per Measured, an analytics company.

The report states fashion retailers who continued with their messaging and promotional efforts amid the pandemic enhanced their sales. Fashion retailers who didn’t decrease media spend on digital channels and TV increased online sales by an average of 81% from March 16 to 29.

Retailers also recorded a 70% jump in online sales on average compared to 2019. But, online sales for retailers with decreased marketing efforts, saw a 40% drop on average from 2019 and 19% compared to February.

Measured’s Madan Bharadwaj states, “Those who kept marketing dollars in did better”. However, a cited Forrester report states, 75% of consumers think it is wrong to exploit the pandemic to promote a brand.

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