Build strong consumer relationships to thrive in a post-cookie world

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April 13, 2020, 10:37 AM GMT+0

Marketers can create a single sign-on (SSO) strategy for websites to effectively track user identity across devices.

This article notes that in moving away from third-party cookies, brands must focus on first-party data to create hyper-targeted campaigns and build deep consumer relationships. Create contextual campaigns rather than targeting consumers based on their browsing behaviour to promote ads on relevant content.

Brands should craft ads factoring in video metadata, page titles, meta description, and related keywords to place them around contextual content. An SSO strategy can assign each user with a unique identifier and gather first-party data to create a holistic and consistent vision of the consumer journey.

Incentivising consumers with payment options helps boost sign-ins and gather first-party data. Companies can also leverage loyalty programs to gain data from valued customers while building deeper relationships.

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