Businesses should post two to three times a week to enhance their Instagram social strategy

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April 13, 2020, 2:09 PM UTC

A recent Facebook study found 80% of users say Instagram helps them with purchasing decisions. 

This piece recommends marketers should post two to three times a week on Instagram as consistent branding enables consumers to know when they can expect interesting content from the brand. Along with following other brands for inspiration, businesses should curate and create relevant content on the social platform. 

Brands should be creative with their Instagram bios by adding emojis. They should also provide accurate contact information and brief brand description within 150 characters. Businesses should also include their website in the bio to drive website traffic and provide audiences with additional resources. 

The author suggests marketers should observe their audience demography and measure content engagement. Monitoring audience activity can further help brands get insights that can improve engagement.

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