To better optimise website SEO, understand metrics in Google Analytics

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April 15, 2020, 2:13 AM GMT+0

Metrics are quantitative measurements that can help brands track events like bounce rates and conversions on their websites.

For marketers to enhance their website SEO they should track different metrics available on Google Analytics. While dimensions are attributes of metrics, for example, cities, metrics are quantitative measures. When combined together, they can provide marketers with a lot more context.

Google Analytics reports metrics under acquisition, conversions, and behaviours. Some key metrics brands should focus on are sources of incoming traffic, bounce rates, average session duration, cost-per-conversion (CPC) and others. These metrics can help brands determine investment platforms, optimise websites, create quality content and track conversions.

Marketers can also leverage the Active User metric to glean user engagement rates on websites or apps. This article states brands can further create custom metrics, although they aren’t automatically tracked by Google Analytics.

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