Brands are opting for influencer content and repurposing stock content with productions on hold

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April 15, 2020, 11:56 AM UTC

User-generated content creation is also on the rise.

With fresh content generation becoming harder given the pandemic, brands are leaning towards influencer produced content and repurposing stock content for ad campaigns. Advertisers with a stockpile of creative assets have repurposed them into stock images and tapes that are sensitive to the pandemic.

Pfizer repurposed older creatives using automation creative tool VidMob. Companies are also turning towards influencers to create eye-catching social media content from home. To assist the process, influencer agencies are connecting clients with relevant influencers to create content for social feeds.

Mae Karwowski, CEO, Obviously, states, “We’ve seen a sizable increase in the number of brands looking to work with influencers.” The author contends that with influencer content being economical to produce brands may get reluctant to get back to old ways of production.

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