Citing research data and numbers in a press release makes it more compelling to journalists

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April 15, 2020, 1:53 PM UTC

Using strong quotes in press releases can help give it a human touch.

This piece talks about different writing styles businesses can adopt to make their press releases effective and get better visibility. Brands should keep their press releases short and focused with a compelling headline that directly gets to the main point.

Businesses should incorporate research data and statistics in their press releases to make it self-explanatory. If marketers do not have their own research to include, they can cite someone else’s research with proper credits in their press releases.

Brands can also multi-layer their press releases by linking fast facts for better context, resources, and videos to make them easily understandable for the reporters. But brands should ensure the presence of primary contacts and quoted sources are available in the office on the day they send the release.

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