Companies must be useful where consumer needs and brand capabilities intersect

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April 15, 2020, 1:26 AM UTC

Planning ahead saves businesses from incalculable harm to brand value.

This article suggests how companies can act now to be able to preserve and augment their equity in a post-pandemic world. In the current times of large-scale disruption, focus on “doing right” by the customers as “brand perception is forged in the crucible of crisis”.

The piece also calls attention to the need for protecting today’s jobs. The benefits from this would be attracting new customers and talent to the company in the future. The author suggests evolving from the “cutesy” social distancing messages.

Brands must try to be useful where the pressing needs of the customers and a company’s capabilities intersect. Companies must remember that having a brand is an asset that must be diligently cultivated and motivated and so must plan accordingly for a post-pandemic world.

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