Pandemic has hit direct publishers harder than programmatic companies

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April 15, 2020, 5:19 PM UTC

77% of publishers and 49% of programmatic specialists have reported client cancellations.

With the pandemic impacting revenues, almost all media sellers, including publishers, media platforms and programmatic businesses, expect ad sales for the year to be lower than initial projections. But, a recent IAB report found that direct publishers are facing a more challenging time as compared to programmatic companies.

While 82% of direct publishers reported, buyers have asked to pause their adverting, 60% of programmatic businesses have reported on similar lines. The report further found that publishers providing hard news are worse hit than non-news publishers. Hard news publishers are also more likely to get coronavirus related content “blacklisted” by advertisers.

Despite news sites observing unusually high traffic, advertisers are reducing their spending at a scale. However, programmatic is in a slightly better position because of its flexibility and automation.

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