Even offline businesses can leverage a story-telling content approach to foster engagement 

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April 16, 2020, 5:20 PM UTC

Organisations should identify ways to help consumers and offer value-added services to retain them. 

This piece states that even though some businesses are typically offline, their consumers are engaging with trending content online. These offline businesses should use this opportunity to tell their stories to engage with their consumers. Marketers can use any format including blog posts, videos or visual graphics. 

For instance, restaurants can create content around cooking shows, interviews with their chefs or share tutorials for their popular dishes. Offering similar value-added services while maintaining transparency and honesty can help companies retain customers.  

Brands should create content for three stages: pre-sales, on-boarding and post-on-boarding. But, each content piece should aim to build trust, be relevant and improve customer experience. Marketers can create FAQs for pre-sales content, educational content for on-boarding processes and product-related content based on consumer history. 

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