Focusing on building an audience can help businesses successfully survive the economic crisis

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April 17, 2020, 4:41 PM GMT+0

Marketers can modify their offers instead of stopping promotions to build the audience.

This piece suggests businesses should focus on building audiences instead of aiming at immediate returns to survive the economic crisis. Marketers can offer free or discounted products to tell their audience that they care about them in the present scenario.

Organisations should maintain communication with their teams to keep them in line with their current goals. Brands should also proactively communicate with their customers to keep them updated about new products, offers or any other information that might be useful to them.

Businesses can also look for strategic partnerships or acquisitions with the business owners who are willing to collaborate to manage economic fluctuations. Brands should stay flexible with their strategies and offers so that they can swiftly pivot them as the situation demands.

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