PR professionals must develop a communication plan for clients to help them through the pandemic

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April 17, 2020, 2:50 AM GMT+0

Engage in active listening, give clients undivided attention to understand their perspective.

When guiding clients through a crisis, PR professionals must be empathetic to their concerns, while not making any false promises. PR professionals must create a comprehensive communication plan with clear messaging to help clients efficiently share factual information with their stakeholders.

While PR pros can help brands evaluate the consequences of a decision from a communications perspective, they should avoid giving actual advice on operational business decisions. Help clients communicate regularly with their stakeholders and objectively recommend steps to protect their brand reputation.

This piece suggests avoiding pushing clients too hard if they don’t agree on certain advices as it could damage long-term relationships. Responding calmly, promptly and frequently to clients and always communicating the facts is suggested.

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