Set campaign objectives for Instagram Stories ads to ensure campaign success

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April 20, 2020, 7:27 AM UTC

Marketers should test and validate ad copies, creatives and targeting to improve ad performance.

This article suggests steps marketers could take to improve the performance of their Instagram Stories ads. Begin with setting specific objectives for the ads like building brand awareness, reach, lead generation, conversions among others. Campaign centered around specific goals and actions help set a benchmark for success.

Brands should ensure their Stories ads are reaching the right target demographics to warrant the performance of their campaign. Crafting clear, clean, concise and action-focused ad copies with optimised design and images is recommended to effectively blend into users' feed.

Use social listening and data to determine what customer preferences are and craft Stories ads accordingly. Marketers can analyse the comments on social media posts to stay connected with their consumers and understand their sentiments towards the brand.

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