Brands should create separate landing pages

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April 21, 2020, 2:49 PM GMT+0

Homepages should be used for navigation and validation while landing pages should tailor content based on customers’ search intent.

Brands should build landing pages with compelling content to appropriately direct the website traffic. The landing page message should articulate the value of the product in a unique way that convinces users to buy the product.

Adding infographics or whitepapers, along with social proof and product pricing can increase engagement and be a valuable add-on. But, marketers should understand the user intent to serve customers better. Capturing user emails and segmenting them can further help marketers craft relevant messages.

Businesses should further analyse the sources of their web traffic to optimise search campaigns better. Based on the interview of BuddyRest Founder Trevor Crotts, the article suggests companies should validate their price point by educating their consumers.

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