Leveraging international SEO practises for non-English speaking countries can help boost rankings

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April 21, 2020, 5:13 PM GMT+0

The majority of the searches are done in languages other than English.

This piece argues that implementing SEO strategies in non-English speaking markets can help businesses gain better returns on comparatively low investment. There is an overwhelming competition among websites and content in the English speaking markets with relatively less demand.

Brands can partner with the local residents who speak both English and the native language of the country in which they plan on expanding their businesses. Facebook groups and similar forums can help marketers connect with the people from their field residing in the target countries.

Transcribing, instead of translating the content to adjust to the different cultures and the keywords of each country can help businesses get more traffic. Marketers should structure their profit-sharing plans, keeping them between 10% and 30%, with the people they want to collaborate for expansion.

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