Programmatic win rates see upward climb in April in the US as COVID-19 curve flattens

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April 21, 2020, 1:15 AM UTC

With 663,260 COVID-19 cases on 16 April, there were only 13.30% bidders per auction for programmatic buying as per Goodway Group data.

Goodway Group’s study recognises a pattern between a flattening coronavirus curve and programmatic win rates picking up. The win rates for programmatic bidding peaked at 76.80% on 7 April when cases were at 394,156.

The steady increase in COVID-19 cases paralleled a decrease in overall market competition. The recent levelling of the win rate could’ve been indicative of a “temporary bottom” having reached, and now the marketers are beginning to increase ad spend or re-enter the market.

Benjamin Diesbach, Goodway, concurs, “As the curve began to flatten in early April, we are seeing win rates levelling off”. The IAB recently observed that programmatic fared better than standard buying during the pandemic.

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