Segmenting email subscribers can help marketers enhance ROI on the email marketing campaigns

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April 21, 2020, 6:00 PM GMT+0

Segmented email campaigns drive 100.95% more clicks than the non-segmented campaigns.

This piece suggests businesses should segment their email subscribers based on set criteria to get better ROI from their email marketing efforts. Marketers can base their segmentation on website behaviour, forms or quiz submissions, and email responses and build relevant campaigns for each category.

Businesses should also focus on lowering the unsubscribe rate by giving subscribers the ability to customise their email preferences according to their requirements. Marketers can also give subscribers control over how frequently they want to be emailed.

Sending emails with personalised sign-up forms that include dynamic content like custom images or email service providers (ESP) data can help brands drive customers’ attention. Marketers can also display unique offers based on the type of website to drive the receivers down the marketing funnel.

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