Advertising role in a publishers’ business model could change owing to the pandemic

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April 23, 2020, 12:56 PM GMT+0

Subscriptions models will be nudged to evolve.

This article notes likely changes that could occur in the media industry as the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes industries and “the social compact”. The importance that advertising held in a publisher’s business model could change as publishers have found it difficult to have advertisers place ads alongside coronavirus-related content.

Currently, 70% of the content is coronavirus-related. Subscription models are also gaining popularity among large and ambitious organisations, as publishers are messaging readers to support them. Companies might need to revaluate office spaces, as employees could have gotten accustomed to working from home.

Brands could invest more in video conferencing infrastructure. The author contends that industry “tentpole” events like CES could lose its appeal, as the media industry looks for other ways to build relationships.

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