Brands should invest in long term digital strategies to get ready for the post-COVID-19 market

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April 23, 2020, 7:15 PM GMT+0

Sharing compelling content can help companies stick with the homebound audience in the future.

This piece suggests businesses should plan and implement digital strategies to prepare for the challenges in the post-pandemic world. Marketers should invest in long-term digital strategy to retain, grow, and expand followers and customers in the future.

Businesses should formulate their content strategies on a day-by-day basis, considering the unstable and unpredictable current market condition. Being aware of the economic climate of the moment and accordingly changing social content can help marketers remain appropriate and relevant.

For digital advertising and promotions, marketers should think and act hyper-locally as different parts of a country will relax restrictions at different stages. National and regional brands should localise and regionalise their approach in their messaging to effectively target their desired demographic.

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