Employ AI to effectively generate leads and improve customer experience

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April 23, 2020, 8:25 AM GMT+0

AI-driven chabots can prospect leads, with a set of pre-programmed questions to identify interested consumers.

This article lists out ways in which small businesses can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) tools to enhance the performance of their sales and marketing and improve customer experience. AI-powered conversational bots can reduce repetitive tasks for consumer-facing teams while saving on customer support costs.

To improve customer experiences, use AI chatbots to track their user's journeys to effectively engage them. Implement AI to segment audiences based on recurring behaviours or patterns and create highly personalised marketing campaigns.

Automated lead generation platforms with machine learning algorithms can help brands identify potential leads from existing consumer profiles. Using automated email campaigns driven by customer data to send automated emails is recommended. These can be sent to address issues like cart abandonment.

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