Marketers should address inclusivity and diversity in their content

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April 23, 2020, 3:11 PM GMT+0

Combining emotions with empathy can help brands effectively connect on a human level with their audiences.

Businesses should ensure their content embraces diversity and addresses differences like age, gender, skin colour and socio-economic status, among others. A combined study by Google, Ipsos and The Female Quotient found 64% of consumers are more likely to take action after seeing an ad they deemed as inclusive or diverse.

Leading with an empathetic tone while showcasing emotions can help brands connect with their buyer personas more accurately. For instance, beauty soap brand Dove highlights perceptions of beauty and happiness from people across countries in its campaigns instead of showing usual lathering routines.

The author suggests marketers should highlight varying opinions and not just one-sided view of any topic to offer unbiased content. Including quotes and interviews can help build credibility by portraying different perspectives.

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