Asking employees to engage with the posts can help marketers increase organic reach on LinkedIn

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April 24, 2020, 4:44 PM UTC

Sharing content on personal LinkedIn profiles can help marketers get more views than sharing it on company pages.

This piece argues that strategies for attaining organic reach vary with different platforms depending upon their individual algorithm. Marketers should choose platforms that are relevant to their businesses and implement a well-thought-out platform-specific strategy. 

To get more organic impressions on LinkedIn, businesses can ask their employees to comment on the posts they want to promote. LinkedIn pushes the content that gets more comments while valuing longer-form comments. 

Marketers can organically promote content on Medium by reposting their quality articles as the platform doesn’t have duplicate penalty costs. Businesses can also get organic views on their videos by creating a video-library and then live-streaming it on different channels in different orders.

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