Marketers can look to metrics like organic growth to measure loyalty

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April 24, 2020, 1:15 AM GMT+0

The importance of more meaningful content is set to go up.

With Instagram removing “Likes” to enhance engagement and drive user participation, influencers are having to seek alternative ways to evaluate engagement with their audiences. While influencers could find it difficult to reach new audiences without likes, they should focus on creating more meaningful content.

Further, people are more influenced by authentic and relatable content produced by brands and influencers. The author states that brands looking to build relationships for influencer marketing will have to evaluate metrics like organic growth to measure loyalty and trustworthiness of audiences.

Further, without likes, brands could shift to more insightful data such as comments, saves and shares to track influencer engagement. Measuring the follower growth in past months/week can also help brands assess influencers' reach in the market.

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