Analysing audience behaviour at a granular level can help track rapidly changing trends

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April 27, 2020, 5:06 PM GMT+0

Separating post and pre-pandemic data can help get a clear picture of engagement metrics.

Marketers need to start looking at data weekly to reveal day-to-day variations in content engagement metrics. This allows for reacting appropriately to the rapidly evolving external factors that affect the audience.

Group items based on methods (blogs, webinar) distribution platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and timings under their respective umbrella categories can help with a broader view analysis. Analysing and comparing each item can help understand, whether the audience’s behaviour changes according to tactics, distribution platforms, formats, etc.

Brands can also integrate their content calendar with the analytics report to analyse audience reaction to the content’s subject matter. This can help figure out specifics – like primary topics, subtopics, keywords, subject lines – that work best with the target audience irrespective of the publishing channel.

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