Brands can leverage frequency illusion as an effective marketing tool

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April 28, 2020, 11:06 AM UTC

Frequency illusion is the phenomenon where recently learned information seems to constantly show up everywhere.

In order to effectively leverage frequency illusion, marketers should use a powerful and noticeable copy along with an image to get audience attention. Powerful visual branding and customized shortened links can help brands stay memorable to the customers.

Marketers can further leverage frequency illusion by ensuring they are remarketing and retargeting their target audience across multiple platforms. Remarketing can allow a product to stay in a customer’s mind by showing them ads about products or services they have previously seen on a website.

But, brands should be careful about retargeting and remarketing to the right target demographic to avoid annoying customers. Following the marketing funnel can help in presenting the relevant content to customers who have expressed interest in the brand.

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