Corona-related ads attracting Britons more than non-corona-related ads

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April 29, 2020, 9:55 AM GMT+0

An eye-tracking study using ads was conducted with 150 participants by research firm, Lumen.

The research revealed that people were more drawn towards corona-related ads, as the average dwell time on 6 corona-related ads was 2.7 seconds, a jump from the expected 2.5 seconds. Non-corona-related ads received a shorter average dwell time of 2.0 seconds, a 4.8% drop from the expected 2.1 seconds.

Further, a full-page ad by Nationwide speaking of fraudsters exploiting the situation generated 5.1 seconds of attention, against the expected 3.6 seconds given its size and placement. On being asked what the respondents think of brands appearing around COVID-19 stories, 55% stated not caring “one way or another”.

Another 41% reported feeling better about the advertiser in such cases. Such a feeling could get stronger if brand ads respond sympathetically to the crisis.

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