Prioritise internal communications like a corporate function to improve organisational effectiveness

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April 29, 2020, 2:44 AM GMT+0

Develop internal communications process using facts and empathy to provide contextual and factual information.

This article states that to effectively improve organisational performance during the crisis, CEOs themselves must support internal communications as if they themselves were practitioners but with leadership roles. Employ the right mix of communications and leadership and team-building to improve organisational effectiveness.

Further, brands should treat internal communications as an important component of the company and measure and fund it like any other company function. Understanding employee habits, concerns and interests, backed with data, can help CEOs create effective and relevant internal communications.

To create a strategic internal communications process, brands should encourage dialogue, discussions, and debates. Investing in internal communications and creating risk mitigation solutions is recommended. Converse with employees via webcams and phone calls to effectively bond with them virtually.

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